Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

Love Asleep

I watch you sleeping, my love. You sleep so soundly, so quietly. Granted it shall be to you after all the efforts you have made. How you strived, how desperately you fought! Of everything you gave, nothing ever came back to you. You are exhausted, so deeply exhausted, not capable of the slightest movement. Sleep now.

I am missing you, my love. As long as you’re asleep I have to live without you. As long as you’re asleep I can’t feel you, can’t be immersed in you, and can’t pass you on. As long as you’re asleep you cannot be the foundation for my actions, not the reason for my hopes, and not the spur for my eternal endeavour. But I apprehend that now you must sleep. You did burn yourself out completely.

Every now and then we have visitors that I would like to introduce to you, my love. But I do not want to disturb you in your well-deserved sleep. Some of our visitors have tried to awake you with tender kisses. They would have loved to experience you. But they could not make it. Steady goes your breath, and unperturbed. You are alive but fast asleep...

Sleep on then, my love. Recuperate and revive. One day, someone will come to visit us capable of waking you with a kiss. From far away. From the agleam horizon of the future or the depths of the past. Who knows. You shall awake, stronger then ever shall you live and tire no more.

Until then, my love – sleep...

This is the English version of my very favourite text "Liebesschlaf" for all those who keep asking me if there were any of my works available in English. I hope you'll like it! :-)